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Trivial example: (using samegame from http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qml-advtutorial.html)

#samegame -qpa html5
samegame started on


For Wt, you'd have to completely redevelop samegame. 

The idea is any Qt app can run an a browser. Similar to VNC,  but you're sending drawing commands in HTML5 canvas javascript, and browser events rather than screen updates. 

You can immediately web-enable legacy Qt embedded applications without the need to develop a web UI, use AJAX, or plugins like Adobe AIR. Also, your local display will match the web display almost pixel per pixel. (Preliminary testing showed differences in font rendering between the HTML5 canvas and Qt)

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Jason H wrote:

> What if Qt got a HTML5 renderer?

Isn't that Wt ?

Graeme Gill.
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