[Interest] Speaking about Qt

Sivan Greenberg sivan at omniqueue.com
Fri Aug 3 17:37:21 CEST 2012

Hi All,

 I am going to give a talk this Tuesday about extreme re-use with QML
and Qt in the first ever Israeli Qt Meetup in Tel Aviv, and demo an
app as a gentle introduction to Qt the Quick way.

  Now, as the Israeli crowd is quite iOS and Android oriented, I will
surely be asked "why invest" etc given recent developments with Qt and
Nokia, and seeing we still have no other glove pickers, how would I
answer this? I know the reason myself why to go on with Qt and why it
will survive and so forth, but I would like to be well phrased in my
response to the crowd, so your help and suggestions highly

  I also can show that there are already quite some important
customers using it that will prevent it from ceasing (Autodesk, Skype
others..) and I am going to show the radical way in which Quick
quickens your development and enables easy maintainer ship in the
future. But , what about strong financial backing, perhaps this is not
that important, or will Qt go the MySql way where consultants will
pick the glove (as so wonderfully already started by KDAB and ICS and
I thank them immensely for making sure we will have what I think even
a better version of Qt Dev Days) ?


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