[Interest] How to develop a WYSIWYG HTML editor based on QtWebkit?

程梁 chengliang.soft at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 03:39:12 CEST 2012

Hi, there!

I'm trying to develop a WYSIWYG HTML editor based on QtWebkit, but nowadays
I found some problems:

1. The HTML source code generated by QWebFrame::toHtml() is rather complex,
for example, it will add a style in <body /> which is not necessary. Could
I generate
the HTML source code by myself? If I use QTextEdit, I could loop all text
blocks and
try to create source code according to each block. But how could I do the
with QWebFrame?

2. I want to format HTML generated by QWebFrame. I'm using QPlainTextEdit.
I could add syntax highlight by QSyntaxHighlighter, but how could I add
HTML formatter?
Maybe I could try QXMLFormatter, am I right? Or something else?

Thank you for any suggestion!

Cheng Liang <http://about.me/devbean>
Nanjing, China
from: devbean at devbean.info
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