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Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 15:49:55 CEST 2012

Usually the extra page is created either by overflow, or an extra beginPage command. It has been many years since I worked with printing in Qt though.

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Subject: [Interest] Problems printing
I'm trying to extend a program with some printing functionality and
things aren't working out as expected. I'm hoping someone here can shed
some light on the issues I'm experiencing...

I stripped down my problems to a minimal working test case, which source
I have attached. The main 2 problems I'm facing here are:

1) I tried to print a border around the printable pageRect(). The debug
   shows me that paperRect() is bigger as the pageRect() as was to be
   expected from the documentation, but when I paint both pageRect and
   paperRect I still see them both?  And they extend to the left and
   bottom outside of the page ? I expected the pageRect to be clipped
   and the paperRect to be completely centered on the page...

2) I alway see the last page I try to print to the PDF. If I send the
   output to a real printer a get two pages printed out, but in the pdf
   only one shows up ?

Can somebody enlighten me to what is going on and correct me, since I have
the funny feeling that I'm not entirely grasping this matter.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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