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> Hi,
> In that case if your hardware supports openGL, Qt 5 should be the obvious
> choice. Lot of work has gone in to Qt 5 on the 3D and graphics acceleration
> side.

Are you referring to "QtQuick3D"?


I'm not exactly familiar with what this framework should provide in the
end, other than importing some (standard format) 3D models and rotate them
on the screen and wrap some OpenGL/ES/Shader APIs to make it easier to
"draw and rotate" a cube on the screen.

Unfortunatelly some links such as
http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qt3d-reference.html are a dead-end
and the above links are a bit sparse with what this API is supposed to
offer in the end (but it does not sound as "a nice API over the OpenGL/ES
functionality set of functions").

So it sounds to me there is still work ahead (at least in the documentation
departement ;)) and not sure whether this is what the OP is after. If they
simply want to have simple 3D objects (buttons) rotating on the screen,
then this might be the Way To Go(tm).

On the other hand Qt 4.8 already provides nice "wrapper APIs" (for loading
shader programs, for instance) and a QGLWidget which is capable of running
*any* OpenGL code!

To be honest I'm not sure what the OP meant with "3D GUI" (most beginner
people I know have the habbit to already loose track of their files on a 2D
desktop ;)) - but if they really mean some "desktop paradigm where you can
zoom into the 3rd dimension" then they might be better off with "raw
OpenGL/ES" and a simple QGLWidget.

In the later scenario they could start with a stable Qt 4.8 and continue
their development with Qt 5.x once it is stable enough. Or start right away
with Qt 5.0 with the risk of some "unstable APIs" or other bugs, but with
the gain of not having to migrate at all.

Cheers, Oliver
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