[Interest] Digia to acquire Qt from Nokia

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Adding LGPL as a license option had an enormous impact on the commercial business but it also grew the number of users by an order of magnitude over the same time period. 

Chuck Piercey

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>>  most of the commercial licensees are sticking with the commercial 
>> license
> because of the ambiguity
>>  with the LGPL and how to apply it; and the fact that while Nokia did

>> do
> that, they have not provided any
>>  clarity to its use.
> ... while developers of proprietary software, which are not commercial

> licensees, use LGPL license :)

Some may yes, but I think the general ambiguity left by the LGPL requirements still pushes most towards commercial licenses.
So I don't think it has really changed anything in terms of business.

I could be wrong - only someone familiar with the various deals within Nokia/Digia could really answer that, but that won't likely happen.



I disagree.. In my experience, creating the LGPL version swept in a HUGE uptick in commercial applications using it...  The only reason I know of that smaller companies bought the commercial license was for support.

And if they were my clients, and I gave them the support, there was no need.

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