[Interest] Qt5 - my hopes for when the dust settles...

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
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libQxt does the RPC (and zero conf)

QtIOCompressor is fine.  I use it all the time. There are patent issues with the .zip table, but QTIOComp supports the compression. See the example for  how to read the zip table though. 

And TAR is just a structure format.
header block
data blocks
zero block

You can trivially code an API around it. I did, when I was working with very large files. Somethign that emitted: TarEntryHeader(tarData)
TarEntryDataBlock(int n, QByteArray data)
TarEndOfFile() (double zero block)

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Jason H <scorp1us at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > - A new model/view architecture that is a lot easier to use and which
> > is
>   designed from the ground up to work well with databases.
> I complain about it too, but I cannot suggest a better one than what
> exists. For all its complexity it works well. 

There was a Model/View NG project...

> >- High-level support for client/server programming with the middleware
>   able to be straight TCP/IP (e.g., for LANs), OpenVPN, etc.
> QtSOAP is not good enough, however, I think a Q-Object based SOAP proxy
> should not be that hard. This fall I worked on stuff that uses a lot of
> QMeta. I can think it can be done, if only Qt XML support did not suck.

Sending XML isn't the issue (and is wasteful of bandwidth anyway). I was
thinking of signals/slots that used RPC so that a client can emit a
signal thats recevied in a slot on a server and vice versa.

> > - An API for reading and writing .gz, .zip, and .tar.gz files.
> QtIOCompressor is not enough? 

I think it needs a bit more work. And doesn't support .tar.

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