[Interest] 64-bit internal ID for QModelIndex?

Stephen Chu stephen at ju-ju.com
Wed Aug 22 01:29:35 CEST 2012

On 8/21/12 6:52 PM, Jan Kundrát wrote:> On 08/21/12 23:47, Nikos 
Chantziaras wrote:
 >>     createIndex(row, column, new qint64(value));
 > This will leak, badly. It also won't likely work the way you intend it
 > to work, if I understand your problem correctly.
 > What do you need the 64bit indexing for, actually? From some of the
 > sample code proposed in this thread, it seems that you are fine with
 > adding a custom mapping to your QAIM subclass. There are many possible
 > ways to do that, but it is better to know what is the problem you're
 > trying to solve before suggesting solutions.

It's not an index. I am trying to store the data IDs from our server. 
The IDs are 64-bit integer. Everything in the system is addressed with 
the 64-bit ID. The data comes and goes constantly so the list of IDs 
fluctuates a lot. A ID to index map (actually 2 maps since I need to map 
both ways) is possible but that increases the complexity unnecessarily. 
A lot of care has to be taken to make sure the maps are up-to-date and 
no QModelIndex is holding stale index.

I'll just have to try something else...

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