[Interest] Retry: Problem with overlapping characters using the Hiragino OpenType font

Atlant Schmidt aschmidt at dekaresearch.com
Mon Aug 27 15:07:25 CEST 2012

I'll retry this question once seeing as how I got no answers
after a month...


  We have an application using Qt 4.6.2 on Embedded Linux (so
  QWS). Our client has requested that the Japanese version of
  our app use the Hiragino font.


  But we've seen that several (many? most?) of the CJK punc-
  tuition characters (Unicode code points 0x3000 through 0x303F)
  are displayed overlapping the next character. (Typographically,
  it looks like the left and right bearings of the characters
  are very wrong.)

  The problem does not appear if we use the Sazanami FOSS font,
  but that font has a very wide side bearing on all of the CJK
  punctuation marks so perhaps the problem is hidden in that
  way? (Plus, our client has deemed Sazanami "ugly".)

  Has anyone seen anything like this before? Rendered on a
  Windows 7 system using Microsoft's system, graphics layers,
  and applications, the exact same Hiragino font looks fine.


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