[Interest] Problems with QmlEngine and importPath

Wehmer, Matthias Matthias.Wehmer at draeger.com
Tue Aug 28 09:41:14 CEST 2012

Hi everybody,

we are currently suffering from the following problem: We fail to change the default directory for our custom qml plugins, that we have written in C++, and that we want to import (e.g. via import custom_plugin 1.0). That is the only directory our QML applications find the plugins is in the default import directory from the Qt5 directory. What is also strange is that the Qt Creator recognizes our plugin (i.e. the syntax highlighting works) in an arbitrary directory as long as the QML_IMPORT_PATH is set.

We are using Qt5 with the angle project and the Qt Creator.

That is what we've tried so far:

 1.  changing the QML_IMPORT_PATH: although this results in syntax highlighting in the Qt Creator, our application still doesn't find the plugins
 2.  using QmlEngine::addImportPath( dest ) : the path is in the importPathList now, we've checked that, but the plugins can't be found anyway
 3.  varying the qmldir files: doesn't work either

Thank you in advance for your help.

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