[Interest] PQ Labs and Qt

Andrea Franceschini therealmorpheu5 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 17:21:15 CEST 2012

2012/8/29 Jonathan Greig <redteam316 at gmail.com>:

> Have you looked at Qtuio? http://qtuio.sirbabyface.net/

I've heard of it but never really looked into it since at the time it
was just easier to grab tuio messages and consume them into my
application, since I was going to implement the whole multiple cursors
and fiducials thing (I was working with reactivision).

> I've been thinking about going with a PQ Labs overlay, but linux support is
> very important to me.

The only thing I know is that we have a G3 overlay and PQ Labs don't
provide a Linux driver. If you can get a G4 overlay you should be more
lucky, but I think this is a bit OT so I'll leave it to that. The only
thing I don't like about it is that we have it mounted on a giant
screen and that means I can't get cameras to look from behind, hence
no fiducials. If you get it standalone I think that'd be the most
flexible option. Of course if you don't need fiducials/generic

Andrea Franceschini

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