[Interest] ItemModel persitantEditors and QSortFilterProxy

Daniel Price daniel.price at fxhome.com
Fri Aug 31 11:51:09 CEST 2012

I have a QAbstractItemModel-based tree view which uses persistentEditors exclusively (supplied by an attached styled item delegate).

I intercept the expand and collapse signals in the QTreeView to call openPersistantEditor/closePersistantEditor and this works fines.

I've added a QSortFilterProxy subclass with a custom filterAcceptsRow() between the view and the model to (a) filter the visible items based on a search string and (b) optional hide items that have not been edited by the user (a check box toggles this on and off). The sort/filtering works but I need to re-create the persistent editors as the proxy makes rows visible again.

The QTreeView has a rowsInserted protected virtual which I re-implement to call openPersistantEditor. This gets called when the proxy re-inserts rows that match the filter string (using the default filter behaviour).

But if I uncheck the 'show user edited items' checkbox, the proxy puts back those items but I get no notifications in the QTreeView and no signals from the proxy when this happens so they appear without their editors. Only updateGeometry is called. I was expecting the rowsInserted signal to be emitted but it is not.

So how can I get notification from the proxy filter when it shows rows that match the criteria in my custom filterAcceptsRow?

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