[Interest] Custom Timeline widget with (Py)Qt

Jorge Araya Navarro jorgean at lavabit.com
Sun Jul 1 03:14:04 CEST 2012

Hello everybody!

I am a Python developer who is starting to use PyQt with very good
results :)
An idea came to my mind few day months ago, Make an *non-profesional
dubbing free (free as in freedom) software*, for people like me how
likes to do fandubbing[1] for movies or anime.
Anyway, I search on internet for source code or any explanation about
doing custom widgets for Qt. I just find some examples of people doing a
derivation from an already existing widget for they custom widget. I
toke a look at the source code of VLMC project[2] too, but, was somehow
confusing (because I can't understand C++ code at all).

Some people got answers like "you should choose between QML, QGraphic
framework(?) or flat widgets" from questions like this one. So, instead
of writing what I need for my custom Timeline widget, I did a very
explicit "mock up" with Inkscape, please see it here[3], is a very
important part of my question...

Besides of "what I should use to make this" I'll like to ear answers
about "how to make it possible", because I don't know anything about
doing custom widgets from zero!


[1] http://www.wikimoon.org/index.php?title=Fandub
[3] http://ompldr.org/vZWtrMQ/mockup.png


Jorge Araya Navarro
Universitario, idealista y pseudo-activista del Software Libre.
Siquirres, Limón, Costa Rica.
Diaspora*: http://diasp.org/u/shackra
identi.ca: http://parlementum.net/sweet
Jabber: shackra at jabberes.org
Skype: ¡De ninguna manera, tras de privativo, te espían!.
el software privativo en GNU/Linux, al igual que en Windows o en MacOs,
te hace un ser no-libre. Deja de engañarte, 
¡¡despierta ahora!!:
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