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Sun Jul 1 13:25:19 CEST 2012

Hi forum,
Making applications scriptable document describes in last the last section
about Error object. It says:
This function returns a human-readable backtrace, in the form of an array
of strings.
Error objects have the following additional properties:
lineNumber: The line number where the error occurred.
fileName: The file name where the error occurred (if a file name was passed
to QScriptEngine::evaluate()).
stack: An array of objects describing the stack. Each object has the
following properties:
functionName: The function name, if available.
fileName: The file name, if available.
lineNumber: The line number, if available."

I have this code which I added in qtscript helloscript
example(helloscript.js file)//does nothing but executes the program line by

function bar(){

    try{ Tag.nonsense = 83 ;}

    catch (e){this.err = e; print(e instanceof Error);//true}


var x = bar();

print(this.err);//ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Tag




The outputs I have written in comments. Clearly this is a departure
from what is written in the document as the error object having those
properties. What am i missing??

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