[Interest] AudioInput example app noticable very sluggish on Mac

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 15:34:49 CEST 2012


While running the stock Qt example "AudioInput" i see a very
noticeable lag/delay/latency/stuttering (whatever you want to call it)
in the red bar that indicated the microphone level. Which is odd
because if i look at System Settings -> Sound -> Input i see a
microphone level bar as well which seems to be reacting about
instantly on everything i do on the (build in) microphone. In the Qt
app there seems to be a 1/3 or 1/4 second delay before i see any
visual change in the red level bar. Push or pull mode doesn't seem to
matter anything.

Note: this is just the stock example without any changes in code. I
just compile/run it.

Does anyone know what's going wrong in the Qt app on Mac?
I did see this bug:
but that doesn't seem to be the issue i'm having.

Qt 4.8.1
Mac OSX Lion fully updated


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