[Interest] Qt5 on MSVC2008, Win7x64 (Tier1)?

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 20:56:32 CEST 2012

Show of hands -- those of you on Win7x64, are you using MSVC2008 or

We're a Qt-Win-Commercial customer, and our internal "reference-compiler"
is MSVC2008.  We've had issues with MSVC2010 (mostly that it's so *slow*,
and the IDE is not as stable).  We ship based on MSVC2008+SP1.

We are *very* interested in the soon-to-be-released Qt5.

Looking at the Qt5 release-platforms page, I don't see "Win7x64/MSVC2008"


Not a biggie, but this implies we must move from MSVC2008 to MSVC2010 (we
want "Tier-1").

I'm not advocating either way, I just want to understand what people are
doing -- I thought quite a lot of people stayed on MSVC2008 (and did not go
to MSVC2010).

As an aside, we've been watching the MSVC2012 "Release Candidate" that is
out, it seems to solve some issues associated with MSVC2010, but drops
native-targetting-for-XP (we don't care, but some might).  Any thoughts
about levels-of-support for MSVC2012?

Digia -- care to comment?


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