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You should post to the interest, not Creator list. This is for the creator application only.

As for your answer there are a couple ways.
If you need full XML capability, you can use Qt DOM, and create your document accordingly.
Of you want quick and dirty, you can use format it in QString("%1").arg(filename) 

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I want to know how to create custom widget to change the attribute of xml node in qt ?
for eg-

when you click on one node let's take
sorry <element>
and let's say this is the line in the XML file
<element><image src='ktuberling.svg' lang='any' /><pfound src='test.ogg' lang='any' /><word lang='any'>KTuberling</word></element>
then I want on the widget area something like
type image
file ktuberling.svg (with the possibility to load from a file
attribute lang any
and so on
and this changes depending on which element you click
Please elaborate in detail I am a beginner

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