[Interest] Qt5 on MSVC2008, Win7x64 (Tier1)?

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 19:49:11 CEST 2012

Hi, All--

Since the thread slowed down, here's the summary (for posterity):


MSVC++2005:(0-1) : X
MSVC++2008:  (7)  : XXXXXXX
MSVC++2010:  (6)  : XXXXXX
MSVC++2012:  (2)  : XX

 ** More Notes/Comments **

  - 2005 was stable and fast, miss that

  - Multiple Qt4 products on 2008, very slow to convert to 2010

  - some new C++11 features
  - currently intended as Tier-1 for Win7x64

  - would-be-nice for more C++11 features
  - appears to address some concerns about 2010
  - may not install MSVC2012 until SP1 comes out
  - intended to be supported for Qt5 at some point, unsure of configurations

  - several developers (3+) using both MSVC2008 and MSVC2010 to support
existing products, cannot move entirely to MSVC2010 (yet).
  - MSVC is best-in-the-industry for "integrated-debugging", but concerns
exist about future-of-MSVC in-general

Final comment:

I agree with Bob that the MSVC-integrated-debugging is the
best-in-the-industry (the main reason we use it), and also agree that I'm
quite concerned about the future-of-IDEs and the (stupid) Web-ification
(!!?? "Developer-Facebook-Points" for generating every possible

It seems like users dealing with existing-product-support are "straddling"
both MSVC2008/MSVC2010 for multiple internal Qt4 products, where more-work
would be required to fully migrate to MSVC2010 (i.e., to drop reliance upon

There seems to be some interest in moving to MSVC2012 to get new C++11
features.  For example, we would skip MSVC2010 entirely and move from
MSVC2008 directly to MSVC2012.

We happen to be running "Win7x64" as an operating system, but only need to
generate 32-bit applications.  (So our "target-configuration" is for 32-bit
apps on 64-bit operating system, we deploy the same binaries to other
32-bit operating systems.)

I realize this is an "unscientific" poll.  I'm not advocating at this time,
so I didn't further pursue this topic (such as by posting a "Poll" in the
qt-project forums).  Vendors might consider doing that to ensure supported
platforms appropriately target their user base.

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