[Interest] QLIneEdit Bug still valid ?

Constantin Makshin cmakshin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 08:53:21 CEST 2012

Both textChanged() and textEdited() signals are emitted from the
QLineControl::finishChange() function which is called by
QLineControl::internalSetText(), so the order of these signals is always
the same — textEdited(), then textChanged(). However, when the validator
modifies QLineEdit's contents, there seems to be no way to tell whether
the change was caused by the user or a call to QLineEdit::setText().

So, after some thinking, I doubt one can easily make a reliable fix for
this bug.
But is it really so important/annoying? Validators are meant to check
and fix user input because users are not very reliable in terms of
input's correctness (there's relatively high chance of hitting a wrong
key/button, for example), but the program always knows (or, at least,
should know) the format of the data it expects. Considering this, IMHO
it looks a bit strange to pass an arbitrary text to setText() in the
hope the validator will fix it instead of explicitly
specifying/preparing a correct string and passing it to that method.

While it obviously is a bug, I'm not sure benefits of fixing it are
worth the efforts needed to develop a good (= reliable, without breaking
API and ABI compatibility) fix.

On 07/17/2012 10:13 AM, Andre Somers wrote:
> Op 17-7-2012 2:51, Constantin Makshin schreef:
>> I can't say for sure, but most probably yes.
> You'd have to check to see if that does not block the emission of the
> signal then after the user edited the text. Does anyone know what the
> signal emission order _should_ be in case where a user edits the line
> edit, and the validator corrects that input?
> André
>> On 07/17/2012 04:10 AM, Petric Frank wrote:
>>> Hello René,
>>> so patching this location to pass false as additional third parameter should 
>>> fix the issue, right ?
>>> regards
>>>   Petric
>>> Am Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012, 01:06:43 schrieb Constantin Makshin:
>>>> It works incorrectly only when the validator changes the text.
>>>> The cause is QLineControl::fixup() (src/gui/widgets/qlinecontrol.cpp,
>>>> line 387) — it calls QLineControl::internalSetText() with only 2
>>>> parameters, omitting the one that controls emission of the textEdited()
>>>> signal. And since that parameter defaults to 'true', you get what you get.
>>>> On 07/16/2012 03:38 PM, R. Reucher wrote:
>>>>> On Monday 16 July 2012 09:14:31 Constantin Makshin wrote:
>>>>>> Functions you are interested in are (line numbers are taken from the
>>>>>> code in the Git repository):
>>>>>> src/gui/widgets/qlineedit.cpp, line 383 (QLineEdit::setText)
>>>>>> src/gui/widgets/qlinecontrol_p.h, line 213 (QLineControl::setText)
>>>>>> src/gui/widgets/qlinecontrol.cpp, line 676
>>>>>> (QLineControl::internalSetText) src/gui/widgets/qlinecontrol.cpp, line
>>>>>> 620 (QLineControl::finishChange)
>>>>>> Nothing looks wrong there...
>>>>> Yeah, I also recall it was working correctly when I used it last time...
>>>>> However, the example acts "wrongly", but it somehow only happens when
>>>>> the validator is set. The attached example (w/o the validator) works
>>>>> correctly.
>>>>> HTH, René

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