[Interest] Newbie problem using Qt Assistant as a Custom Help Viewer

h hdixon at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jul 28 14:11:24 CEST 2012

I think I am doing something fundamentally wrong in setting up QT Assistant.
I have experience authoring  chm files under window using notepad and am 
trying to something similar with QT on linux (using kate)

I have written qhp and qhcp files.  These appear to work.  I get warnings if I 
reference files that do not exist and the toc appears when I open the qhc 
I am able to search and qt assistant displays the names of the files, and the 
titles of the pages, which contain the terms. 

QtAssistant does not display me html pages.  I get "blank" and the find finds 
My hml displays correctly in konqueror, chromium and firefox.
I have run out of ideas of how to find what I am doing wrong.

Can anyone help me please? 
 I do not know if it something  I am missing from the html or from the qhp.
Is there a schema for the qhp and/or the qhcp?  I am a bit confused by 

Thanks in Advance,


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