[Interest] Is Nokia officially done with Qt?

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"He once tried to convince me that Microsoft actually likes Qt. Uhhh.......... WHAT???"
What indeed. But Thiago knows his stuff. 

We've had Miguel de Icaza arguing for OpenSource and .NET so I guess there is one in every bunch. Not only is MS not succeeding as it once did (Failure of Hotmail, Zune, Silverlight, Azure, Windows8, Windows Phone) but the copies (Moonlight, Mono) are bound to fail as well. Win8 exists only to  force people into WP7 panels, but who has a touch display? Who has used one? Your arm gets tired if used for more than a few minutes. Sure, use a mouse, but then you've got wasted screen real estate. For MS to succeed the next step is making an app that can work both as touch and as a regular desktop app, without all the programming of two efforts. QML isn't too far off from being able to accomplish that. Imagine being able to take Qt ui files and QML screens and have the same application under both... MS could counter with WPF and whatever 8's panels are being done in. (But Win8 has some serious limitations currently. I know fan boys that uninstalled and
 complained about it.) And the non-panel stuff of 8 is so retro looking. MS was chasing OSX, then invented WP7 to be different and now they are chasing that aesthetic on the desktop, which I think consumers will reject. Heck I'm still using Windows2000 theme...

With MS about to buy Nokia or RIM, (Probably Nokia given the recent departures) it just proves MS is more of an also-ran, just like everything else of theirs in the last 10 years. 

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lol wut?

Did you guys feel that earthquake? It wasn't huge, but it's indicative of a pressure build-up right beneath our feet. And you expect us to build our houses on this land? Frack that, I'm moving to Nebraska.
(Translation: I'm definitely using QWidgets from now on. If Nokia kills Qt or gets bought out by Microsoft, QML is dead. It's too large and unfinished (also undocumented ;-)) for the community to take over, and Microsoft has no reason to continue development on it (in fact it's in their interest to NOT do anything with it))

I'm 100% certain that _eventually_ there will be a real upgrade path for QWidget users. I'm 100% certain of this because if enough time elapses and nobody else does it, I'll do it myself. I need to build my "house" first, unfortunately... and I need a stable foundation to build it on. 'done' = stable <3. Before today's events I was actually considering using QML (mainly on Raspberry Pi (high gpu, low cpu -- hw accel is practically necessary)), which probably comes as a shock given all the ranting I've done against it. But now you'd have to be insane to even consider QML for anything you don't plan on rewriting in the next couple of years...

Re: Qt is 'dead', finding another framework, etc
Are you guys forgetting that Qt is Free Software? Long live Richard Stallman!
Qt, at least the source code/COMMUNITY that makes it up, will survive. No matter what.

The Qt Trademark and the Nokia Corporation might die (except Qt won't ever 'officially' die. It's in Nokia/Microsoft's best interest to not let the BSD Clause ( http://www.kde.org/community/whatiskde/kdefreeqtfoundation.php ) ever get triggered. They'll release a 1-byte patch once per year, or maybe a small bugfix or something, and it'll never get triggered)

I think as Qt gets less and less love (the subject of this thread and today's news), it becomes smarter to fork Qt. Why give them the money (sorry Digia, you're a casualty of war at this point) if they're just sitting on it? It also sends the message: "We're not going to take your bullshizzle. Qt is bigger than Nokia and Microsoft", which I confidently stand behind.
I also think it's vital that the community acts as a whole. Segregation is [probably?] worse than giving Nokia/Microsoft moneys for sitting on Qt.
Thiago is in the best position to keep the community together as it forks.... but I'm not sure about him. He may have flipped. He's a great engineer, but at this point it's all about lolitics (I've been saving that bit for a special occassion (but eh, terrible time for a joke. I'm being cereal in this post)). He once tried to convince me that Microsoft actually likes Qt. Uhhh.......... WHAT???

This is going to be an interesting next few months,
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