[Interest] [OT] Re: Is Nokia officially done with Qt?

Slade, Zac zachary.slade at hp.com
Sun Jun 17 18:30:35 CEST 2012

It is nice and cloudless here in Fayetteville, Arkansas USA.  I think i will get a sunday and dream of more Qt ideas.

Keep up the great work on Qt (even you d3fault).

Sorry for the empty post...  this phone has a mind of its own sometimes.

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Am 17.06.2012 um 00:00 schrieb Harri Pasanen <harri at mpaja.com>:

> ...   Let's
> see how the land lies after the dust settles.

So we conclude that "the Qt forum is now officially done with this topic" - and goes back to work (or the Art Basel for a change :))

Have a sunny Sunday (there /must/ be a cloudless sky somewhere)! :)

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