[Interest] Problem using BerkeleyDB in plugins

程梁 chengliang.soft at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 16:46:10 CET 2012

Hey, there!

I have developed an application using Qt and BerkeleyDB. BerkeleDB will be
added into
one plugin of this application. When this application launches, this plugin
will be loaded.

My problem is, when I add BerkeleyDB into the application code, everything
is OK.
But when I put the same code into my plugin code, the application cannot
It says the exit code is 255. I've no idea how to solve this problem. Could
you tell me
why it happens?

PS: The Db::open() function will be down. If I put
    db->open(NULL, "mydb", NULL, DB_HASH, DB_CREATE, 0)
in main(), everything is OK. But if I put it in the constructor of plugin,
it crashes.

Cheng Liang <http://about.me/devbean>
Nanjing, China
from: chengliang.soft at gmail.com
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