[Interest] QWebview signals with dynamic web pages

Murphy, Sean M. sean.murphy at gd-ais.com
Thu Mar 1 18:11:17 CET 2012

I'm trying to read an 8-channel temperature sensor device that outputs its data via a web interface.  Viewing the device's web page via a normal web browser, or via QWebView::load(), I can see the temperatures correctly.  The temperature values are "live" in that they automatically update about once a second, without the user having to manually reload/refresh the browser.  My HTML skills are pretty minimal, so I'm not sure what magic it uses to update those parameters, but I don't see any sort of <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1"> tag.

What I want to do is parse the HTML that comes back from the device and just grab the temperatures so that I can timestamp them and log them to a file.  So I've got code that does the parsing correctly.  I've connected that code up to the QWebView::loadFinished(bool) signal, but that only causes my parsing code to get triggered once, only when my initial QWebView::load() finishes.

Is there some sort of signal that I can connect to in the QWeb* hierarchy that will get triggered everytime the device's web page updates itself via whatever magic it's using?  I've tried QWebView::loadFinished() and QWebPage::contentsChanged() / QWebPage::loadFinished() and QWebFrame::pageChanged  / QWebFrame::loadFinished(), but no of those seem to get triggered.

I know I could just set up a QTimer and explicitly call QWebView::load() on my own, but that seems overkill, not to mention it's going to make the web page have to redraw which looks ugly to the user.


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