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  How "rich" does your Rich Text have to be?

  If your task is to write minimally-formatted text into
  a .RTF file, you might just want to write your own
  writer implementation from scratch. Microsoft provides
  pretty good documentation on the .RTF format and you
  can readily create examples to reverse-engineer.

  Beyond that, there appear to be Python, Perl, and Java
  implementations  of .RTF interfaces, but a quick Google
  doesn't reveal any obvious C++ implementations. In
  which language (Java or C++) does Open Office do
  their .RTF interface?

  Others on the list may, of course, have better/other


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I'm looking for a way to display & write MS RTF in a Qt Widget.
I already googled for that and it seems that there is no build in Qt Widget that can handle this.

I know HTML/XML would be better then MS RTF, but my tool has to be compatible to an older program which is written in VS C++ and uses RTF (and the RTF toolbar similar to the one in MS WordPad).

So what I need is a widget and a toolbar similar to MS WordPad.
What I have to do is:

Write formated text -> convert to MS RTF -> send
Receive MS RTF formated text -> show in Qt App (read only)

Does somebody know a library or so to do this? It should be platform independent too..

Thanks for your help.


Lucas Betschart

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