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Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 3 16:30:14 CET 2012

The problem with this, is I need a whole other model to assign it to because some engineer put an:
if (model == newModel) return; 

construct in the code. 
I really should be able to have the model inform the views that the cell 
has changed and have them retrieve the data using DisplayRole and a 

I see this question asked a lot and there is no answer on any of the threads. 

I might somehow be able to use a delegate, but I need a widget for that, and from a model perspective I don't have one.

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I don't realize another way to update the QSqlQueryModel after you
change the Table data. You will have to call "setQuery(...)" again.

If you are facing performance problems, you can try to limit your query
("SELECT ... LIMIT 100").

Eventually, if you have a complex SQL statement, you can create a
Temporary Table to handle these data, so you can use a simple SQL
statement. Or, you can try to optimize your SQL statement.

In my brief experience, I didn't have performance problem with refresh.

Best Regards,
Thales Lange.

On 02-03-2012 19:13, Jason H wrote:
> How after I have reimplmented setData() to make my model writable, do I
> refresh my view? I could drop the whole model and reload it, but that is
> expensive.
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