[Interest] embed any ActiveQt example into IE webpage

Sergey sh0375 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:21:23 CET 2012

Hi, list

I'm trying to write sample ActiveX on QT and embed it into html webpage 
for IE.
I have created in Visual Studio 2005: File-New-Project-Qt4 
Projects-ActiveQT server
Built project. Got dll. Added path with QT dlls to system path variable.
regsvr32 tetrix.dll

created html page:
<OBJECT ID="QTetrix" width="550" height="370"

CLASSID I've got from this line:

When I open page in IE, it asks for prompt to launch ActiveX. I select yes.
IE displays area, which looks like image, which browser could not 
download - empty area with red cross in the left-upper corner.

How to find reason, why it is not displaying QT widget? Is there some 
log of IE interaction with ActiveX?

Is there some ready QT ActiveX example with instructions, which would 
allow to display it in IE?


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