[Interest] Receive screen rotate/resize events?

g4hx g4hx at gmx.de
Sun Mar 11 17:46:00 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem: I recently wrote a qt4-based screen
locker. For obvious reasons, I show the widget in full screen by calling
the showFullScreen() method. However, since I have a thinkpad tablet, I
often rotate the screen, thus switching between laptop and tablet mode.
When I rotate the screen, an X11 event of type

RRNotify event, serial 48, synthetic NO, window 0x4800001,
    subtype XRRCrtcChangeNotifyEvent
    crtc 64, mode None, rotation RR_Rotate_270
    x 0, y 0, width 0, height 0

is created. However, none of the available toolkits that I know
(qt3/4/gtk) picks up the event. So once the screen is rotated, my widget
is not spread across the screen anymore, it looks more like this:

|        |        |
| screen/| screen |
| widget |        |
|        |
| widget |
|        |

I would like to know if there is any possibility to either install an
event handler to pick up X events directly (although this would
obviously not be platform independent any more) or get qt to support
these events directly.


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