[Interest] qmake Conditions and Scopes

Szalata, Zenon M. zms at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Mar 12 05:33:19 CET 2012

I am trying to implement a project  file to build my project conditionally.  In my case the condition is the host architecture, either 32 bit linux or 64 bit linux.  I tried something like this:

linux-g++-32 {
  message( "have 32 bit linux")
linux-g++-64 {
  message("have 64 bit linux")

I took this from qmake Advanced Usage available in assistant.
That fragment does not work.  In fact only the first call to message prints

Project MESSAGE:

which seems to mean that the variable QMAKESPEC has null value and the two conditions are not met.
I am using qt-4.8.0.

How can I implement such conditional building based on the host architecture?

Thanks for any help,
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