[Interest] QTextEdit and Style sheets

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Wed Mar 14 09:17:20 CET 2012

Op 13-3-2012 17:26, Christoph Feck schreef:
> On Tuesday 13 March 2012 16:52:21 André Somers wrote:
>> Op 13-3-2012 16:45, Graham Labdon schreef:
>>> Hi everyone
>>> Solved this!
>>> edit->setStyleSheet("background-image:url(:/images/bg.jpg)");
>>> QPalettepalette=edit->palette();
>>> palette.setBrush(QPalette::Base,Qt::NoBrush);
>>> edit->setPalette(palette);
>> Please report this as a bug. I think that setting a background
>> image should already set the brush to NoBrush, or the rendering
>> should be done the other way around. Either way, that would
>> qualify as a Qt bug IMO.
>> André
> You have to change the background of the viewport() instead, otherwise
> the viewport will render its background over that of the QTextEdit
> object. So it is not a bug, but expected behavior. Using setPalette()
> also affects the viewport, because the palette attribute is inherited
> by children.
That doesn't feel natural at all, from a stylesheet point of view. What 
other background than the background provided by the viewport could be 
styled with setStyleSheet on a text exit? The viewport is not even 
accessible from Designer. Or should you use the child-of selector in 
style sheet instead?

edit->setStyleSheet("QTextEdit QWidget {background-image:url(:/images/bg.jpg);}");

That looks weird. And why would that only be needed for the background 
image? Setting the color of the text or even of the background, which is 
also rendered on the view port, *does* work directly.

I feel we really have a bug on our hands here.


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