[Interest] qt.conf like behaviour

Bo Thorsen bo at fioniasoftware.dk
Fri Mar 16 16:46:37 CET 2012

Den 16-03-2012 09:30, Graham Labdon skrev:
> Hi
> My application is linked against several dynamic libraries.
> When I deploy my app these libraries are installed at known location
> together with the Qt Libraries
> I also deploy a qt.conf file so that the app knows where the Qt
> libraries are.
> My question is how does qt.conf work and is there a way of implementing
> something similar for my application libraries?

You can't control which dynamic libraries are used by setting qt.conf 
variables. You control stuff like plugin location. The dynamic libraries 
are linked to the application by the dynamic linker before the 
application starts up.

The usual way to do this on Unix is to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH before 
calling the executable. For this you need to have a script that is what 
the user starts.

On Windows, you can also do this, but I think you will often find that 
applications copy the necessary libraries to the application bin dir.

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Fionia Software.


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