[Interest] Wrong time format from QLocale

NoRulez norulez at me.com
Thu Mar 22 21:18:03 CET 2012

Hello @all´╗┐,

I want to use the date/time format from QLocale but I get a wrong result for the short time format.
The following code:

qDebug() << QLocale::system().dateFormat(QLocale::LongFormat);

qDebug() << QLocale::system().dateFormat(QLocale::ShortFormat);

qDebug() << QLocale::system().timeFormat(QLocale::LongFormat);

qDebug() << QLocale::system().timeFormat(QLocale::ShortFormat);


"dddd, dd. MMMM yyyy" 




The short time format is wrong.
I use Windows 7 with Qt 4.8 from the QtSDK.

The settings under Windows 7 are:

Date (short): TT.MM.JJJJ
Date (long): TTTT, TT.MMMM JJJJ
Time (short): HH:mm
Time (long): HH:mm:ss

Could someone please help?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards
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