[Interest] QML on Android

Harri Pasanen harri at mpaja.com
Tue Mar 27 16:20:17 CEST 2012

On 03/27/2012 03:01 PM, Sivan Greenberg wrote:
> Hi All,
>   It is my understanding that QML is not yet supported on Android
> through some folks have managed to run their QML apps to some degree
> of success. Is there somewhere a canonical tutorial that explains how
> to get started with it? e.g., install, test app , deply, done ?
> Thanks,

Bare QML works, QML components is work in progress.
Those can be made to work to some extent.
Sound does not work yet.

To get started:


explains the necessary steps.

As proof that I've tried it:


is an application I ported from Symbian/Meego to Android.

Depending on what you are doing, it might just work out of the box.

Only issues I ran into were sound, and RichText performance being bad on 
Text component.   Flickable default timing seemed to differ from Symbian 
a bit, which made clicking links hard when element was in flickable.

Necessitas project could use some help.  Unfortunately so far I haven't 
had the time to contribute other than bug reports.


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