[Interest] Does it really worth it?

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Tue Mar 27 22:38:05 CEST 2012

On 03/27/2012 03:40 AM, ext josemaria at gomezvergara.es wrote:
> I would like to dedicate all my energy to only one technology during the
> next 3 years. I was thinking to do a useful thing and to be honest I was
> thinking in doing some kind of a good chart library for Qt.

Someone commented on QWT. I have heard Digia mentioning informally an 
interest in developing an add-on for charts in their presentations about 
Qt Commercial. You might want to check with them.

> The thing is
> that I dont really sure if Qt has a really good future.
> I mean. Nokia bought it but when everybody was expecting how nokia was
> going to use it in their mobiles and tables, they left it and took
> Microsoft for that.

If you are planning your work for the next 3 years then you need to rely 
on better research than wrong blog headlines...  :)

Nokia is investing heavily in Qt, and specially in the Qt 5 cycle. See 
the commits in the repositories and see stats like 
. This investment belongs to one key pillar of its business strategy: 
"The Next Billion".

> Now, it is a open project, what is good, but my
> question is... how can I know if Qt will be alive in 2015?

At least you can know that Nokia, Digia and other Qt partners and 
contributors have no doubt that Qt will be alive and kicking.

> Should I
> dedicate energy to create some kind of http://www.steema.com/teechart/vcl.
> Do you think that there is customers enough to support it?

That is a different question. As said, if you plan to work on this 
professionally you might want to talk to other professionals first.


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