[Interest] QSortFilterProxyModel slow updating sql model attached

Linos info at linos.es
Wed May 2 00:11:31 CEST 2012

	any tips on what should i be using to sort a sql table when user click in
headers? Thanks!

Miguel Ángel.

El 01/05/12 07:13, Bo Thorsen escribió:
> Hi,
> My advice is to ditch QSortFilterProxyModel completely. It's great for 
> models that can be held in memory. But for SQL models, it sucks.
> Bo.
> Den 30-04-2012 19:02, Linos skrev:
>> Hi,
>>     i have a QTableView with a QSortFilterProxyModel using a QSqlQueryModel as
>> source model, i am using Qt 4.8.1 in Linux x86_64.
>> if i don't apply sort to any of the columns of the table and execute a new
>> .select() on the QSqlQueryModel it does the usual and only call .data method for
>> the visible rows after the new data has been populated but if i have the table
>> sorted by any column the data method gets called 56000 times for a 1000 row
>> table ever using indexes of the sorted col, i can understand that it is sorting
>> at the same it is creating indexes and data.
>> The problem it is i can't get it to ignore sorting to do manually after the new
>> data is populated in the model. i have tried this:
>> 1) call table.setSortingEnabled(False) (with proxyModel.setDynamicSortFilter()
>> using true and false)
>> 2) call proxyModel.invalidate() before model.select()
>> 3) call proxyModel.reset() before model.select()
>> I can't think other way to make this right now, i could set a fake model as
>> source for the proxymodel before call select in model and set the original model
>> after that but it seems awkward to me, should be a better way, so any help
>> please? :)
>> Regards,
>> Miguel Angel.
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