[Interest] resizing child window with parent window

Sujan Dasmahapatra sdh at lmwindpower.com
Mon May 7 15:49:45 CEST 2012

Please give me some idea on resizing the child window. I have parent
widget, when resizing this parent widget, I want all my other child
widgets should also resize accordingly.


I have tried with QFormLayout, with formlayout, the widget's size is
changing, e.g a pushbutton is coming horizontally as long as the parent
widget, although I am specifying a size for 100,25 width and height.


Please give me some suggestion. Check this snippet.


CSheet::CSheet(QWidget *parent):QWidget(parent)



   QPushButton *button = new QPushButton("Add chart", this);




  QTextEdit *edit = new QTextEdit(this);

  edit->setGeometry(5, 35, width()-10, height()-40);




This 2 controls are set on the widget, now when I resize to the full
screen, the textedit size is not changing accordingly, please help what
I can do for this. Thanks Sujan

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