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Sujan Dasmahapatra sdh at lmwindpower.com
Wed May 9 08:31:17 CEST 2012

Please give me some suggestions I am stuck in this problem. I want to implement a set of QTextEdit in 2 columns and multiple rows. Initially my sheet(QWIdget) will be blank, There will be a button at the top when pressing this button, a QTextEdit should be added on the sheet at row=0, column=0. Then again when button pressed another QTextEdit should be added at row=0, column=1.

Then when again pressed QTextEdit will be added at row=1, column=0

Then when again pressed QTextEdit will be added at row=1, column=1.....and so on.


QTextEdit size should be ½ of sheet width and ½ of sheet height. When resizing they should be resized accordingly.


Please give me a working code so that I can compile and understand. Thanks a lot for any help.


Please see my snippet.


CSheet::CSheet(QWidget *parent):QWidget(parent)


                addChartPB = new QPushButton("Add chart",this);



                connect(addChartPB, SIGNAL(clicked()),this, SLOT(addChart()));



                canvas = new QWIdget(this);




                layoutV = new QVBoxLayout(this);





                gridLayout = new QGridLayout(canvas)






//I don't know how should I implement the add button Please help...





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