[Interest] Play video is very slow using Gstreamer

William Zeng williamzeng88 at gmail.com
Thu May 24 17:50:57 CEST 2012

Hi All, 

I'm trying to make a media player using Qt and TI DSP. It has sound but no video when I use QtMultimedia of Qt5 alpha + Gstreamer. 

Then I try several methods, such as:
1. QtMultimedia of Qt5 alpha + Qt mobility 1.2.0 + Gstreamer
2. QtMultimedia of Qt 4.8.1 + Qt mobility 1.2.0 + Gstreamer
3. Qt 4.8.2 + Phonon + Gstreamer
The same result is video plays very slow and the CPU usage is up to 54%.

Below is my environment:
TI DVSDK for DM3730

It play very well when I used the gstreamer directly:
gst-launch filesrc location="/usr/share/ti/data/videos/davincieffect_h264_aac.mp4" ! qtdemux name=demux demux.audio_00 ! queue max-size-buffers=8000 max-size-time=0 max-size-bytes=0 ! TIAuddec1 ! alsasink demux.video_00 ! queue ! TIViddec2 padAllocOutbufs=TRUE ! TIDmaiVideoSink videoStd=720P_60 videoOutput=AUTO numBufs=5

Another command is well by using playbin2. I know Qt also use playbin2 to process media file. But I don't know why they can't get the same result.
gst-launch playbin2 uri=file:///usr/share/ti/data/videos/davincieffect_h264_aac.mp4 flags="native-video"

Does anybody have such experience and give some advices to me? 

Thank you very much.

Best regards, 
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