[Interest] QSqlTableModel -- best approach for simple database application?

Mark Brand mabrand at mabrand.nl
Thu May 24 23:35:30 CEST 2012

>> Qt 5 has many improvements for QSqlTableModel, so if it's feasible for you,
>> consider using Qt 5. With any luck, Qt 5.0 will be released before your
>> application.
> I could be game for that.
> A couple of questions about Qt 5.0:
> Would I expect any significant compatibility issues with relatively
> simple, widget-based, Qt 4.8 applications?

Qt 5 is supposed to be mostly source code compatible with Qt 4. The 
exceptions are supposed to be highlighted in dist/changes-5.0.0 in the 
source tree.

>    I am using qwt 6.0.1 in some of these applications, if that matters.

You should probably ask separately about qwt with qt5. I don't know.

> Do you now, offhand, if there is a reasonably stable Qt 5.0 release
> candidate available?

There is an alpha release. Beta is expected soon. Or just clone the git 
repo.  See http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt_5.0.

> Would I expect any difficulty building Qt 5.0 with mingw-w64?
> When I built Qt 4.8.0-rc1 I was right on the edge of running
> out of memory with the particular build go mingw-w64 I was
> using.

No personal experience here, but it should work. If you run into 
problems, this is a good time to get them fixed.


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