[Interest] debug QtService

Sergey sh0375 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 08:13:48 CET 2012

Hello, all

I'm developing windows web service using QtService.
To debug it, I launch program in VS2005 debugger with -e argument.
It starts in console mode and handles requests.
How can I emulate stopping the service, so that all code, which is 
working usually when windows stops the service?

I want to make web service method, requesing which I would tell service 
to stop.

void RequestMapper::service(HttpRequest& request, HttpResponse& response) {
     QByteArray path=request.getPath();

#ifdef _DEBUG
     if (path.startsWith("/stop")) {
         //QCoreApplication::instance()->exit(); // this leads to error 
in  HttpConnectionHandler::run() in line: 

How to emulate stopping the service here, so that program, running with 
-e argument would stop normally, as it stops when running as windows 



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