[Interest] Qt 4.8.3 MinGW 4.4.0 undefined reference to WinMain at 16 with TEMPLATE = lib

andy fillebrown andy.fillebrown at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 14:23:27 CET 2012


I'm getting undefined references to WinMain at 16 when building my
libraries with Qt 4.8.3 using the provided MinGW 4.4.0 toolchain.  I
did some searching but all I could find was QTBUG-27227, which isn't
very helpful since I don't want to build in the source tree.  I don't
mind hacking on the mkspecs if that's the issue, but I can't find any
info on how to fix this issue locally.  Is it a qmake issue?  How can
I fix it?

~ andy.f

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