[Interest] Qt5: Status of, "Add QtService to Qt proper"

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 23:28:11 CET 2012

Last June there was a thread with the title, "Add QtService to Qt
proper" that discussed some tender-loving-care required to update
"QtService<>" to support Qt5.

RECALL that "QtService<>" is a template add-on (not in Qt-proper) that
targeted Qt4, and talk was to make it a non-template, and to add it to
Qt5-proper, probably in the "network" module.

Original thread starts here:


Some other feedback discussion here:


QUESTION:  Where did this end-up in Qt5?

If someone wanted a "QtService<>"-type thing (service/daemon) in Qt5,
what would be the recommended approach?

Thanks in advance....


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