[Interest] Creating a grid of icons

Sensei senseiwa at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 11:23:31 CEST 2012

Hi again. After trees, now I'm playing with grids.

The objective is simple: create a grid of selectable icons (with text 
below), just like Xcode widget in "New Project".

I've tried two approaches: list, and table widget.

It's a simple widget, I'd like to avoid very complicated solutions, like 
using a QGridLayout and create my very own widget.

With a table, I wanted to make the appearance good, so I wanted to make 
a "regular" grid of three columns, accounting for the scrollbars.

However, if I set the width as follows, I discover that the vertical 
scrollbar width is 100px, which is quite false:

     tableWidget->setColumnWidth(0, (tableWidget->width() - 
tableWidget->verticalScrollBar()->width()) / 3);

     qWarning("width %d scroll %d", 

OUTPUT: width 581 scroll 100

With a list, I don't know how to obtain an evenly distributed grid, but 
if I set the grid size, I have only two columns, not three:

/ 3, 100));

As before, the width of the vertical scrollbar is 100px.

Any suggestions?

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