[Interest] Access to Qt private headers

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Fri Sep 14 05:36:20 CEST 2012


Sorry, this has been asked before here
but I did not find the actual solution of how to do it.

Also I tried the options of:
QT += v8-private

in the pro file, but none of them gave the output I expected.

Basically I want qt-install-path\QtV8\5.0.0\QtV8\private to be added to the
include path, so that my application code directly includes v8.h

But adding v8-private to QT, only brings
until qt-install-path\QtV8\5.0.0\QtV8 to the include path, meaning I have
to include "private/v8.h" than just v8.h

Too many files need to change if I've to do this. Is there a means to
accomplish what I'm trying.

Another not-so-clean approach I find is that, in whatever include paths
there are now, I create a v8.h, which just contains one line -- #include

Please provide your suggestions.

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