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QtConfFile - it's C++/Qt library for reading and saving configuration 
files in a special format.

Configuration file format is a set of tags, which are surrounded by 
curly brackets, with values. Tags can be without values, can have one, 
and can have several values. A sample configuration file is shown below:


{stringValue string}

{listOfStringValues str1 str2 str3}

{intValue 100}


{stringValue string1}

{intValue 100}



{stringValue string2}

{intValue 200}



String tag'svalues can be framed in quotation marks if it contains white 
space or special characters. The special characters are: \n, \r, \t, \", 
\\, is the line breaks, tabs, quotes and backslash. The line must be 
written as shown above.

Parse of the configuration file is based on a specialized class that 
inherits from QtConfFile::Tag or any derived class. For each tag in this 
case, start a class member that is the object of a class derived from 
QtConfFile::Tag. In QtConfFile have finished classes for:

·TagScalar< T > — tag with a single value,

·TagScalarVector< T > —tag with a set of values,

·TagNoValue —tag with no value,

·TagVectorOfTags< T > — tag with multiple entry subordinate tag.

Each tag can have nested tags. Nesting is not limited, except your need 
for this. You must inherit from the appropriate class tag and provide 
the required number of members representing the nested tags.

For a better understanding of the use QtConfFile recommended to look at 
an example. The example shows how to use all of the standard classes of 


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