[Interest] Oops! Somebody's got a bad case of dependency bloat!

Christian Dähn daehn at asinteg.de
Wed Apr 10 22:25:01 CEST 2013

> On 04/10/2013 10:05 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
> >
> > And just because a "majority" download the installer does not mean "ALL". It
> > is YOUR JOB AS A Qt DEVELOPER/MAINTAINER to make MY life easier. That is
> > your job.
> >
> I think you made a mistake and sent this email to an opensource
> project's mailing list instead of to your Sysadmin.

In this special case he is right because he addresses Thiago (who works for
Digia and is partly responsible for the problems we commercial customers have to
suffer with the new Qt 5 policies).

And yes: The best way would be a mail to the commercial support...

But: Even the commercial support currently does nothing else as just creating a
public issue in the Qt-Project bugtracker ;-)

Currently commercial customers more and more are less important and have the
same priority as any user of the opensource releases... sorry, my experiences
especially in the last weeks...

Sadly  none of the devs at Digia seems to have experiences with IT and project
structures of industrial and enterprise structures / companies - that leads to
such biased discussions... like a fight between commercial (Windows) customers
and the Qt devs (Linux/Mac users).

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