[Interest] Oops! Somebody's got a bad case of dependency bloat!

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Apr 11 02:01:32 CEST 2013

On quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013 16.05.40, Michael Jackson wrote:
> And just because a "majority" download the installer does not mean "ALL". It
> is YOUR JOB AS A Qt DEVELOPER/MAINTAINER to make MY life easier. That is
> your job. 

Hi Mike

This thread is getting overheated...

I with most of what you said, but I disagree on one small but important 

Let me explain:

I agree because my job as a Qt developer is to make Qt better. Qt's philosophy 
is that it makes developers' lives easier. Therefore, we both conclude that my 
work on Qt should have an end goal to improve your life, mine and every other 

I'm not doing Qt work as a volunteer. I'm paid to do it, by Intel (not Digia). 
Therefore, the OSS argument of "you can't tell OSS people what to do" does not 
directly apply.

I'm also a Qt Project Maintainer, by choice and with the support of my 
employer. As a Maintainer, I have a duty to the project, to uphold its values 
and further Qt.

However, I disagree with you when you put emphasis in "MY life easier". I'm 
not here to make your life easier to the exclusion of everyone else. So 
whenever you or anyone else requests a feature or a modification, I and anyone 
else in the Qt Project need to put that through a filter, deciding what the 
priority of such a request is. It's easy to get lost and think one's own bugs 
are more important than all others.

As I said in two emails already, we made a conscious decision to put more 
effort on the binary installers and to make our lives easier in the source 
ones. We're prioritising things differently. I'm sorry that our priorities do 
not match yours.

And note: priorities can change. Even though the best way to accomplish a 
change is to *do* it, rest assured we are paying attention to suggestions and 
especially to a flame war like this one.
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