[Interest] qmake: questions regarding huge projects

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QMake and CMake both generate what your final build environment need, whether it is Makefiles for GNUmake, nmake, or VS projects.
So you can have one project definition set that generates for all build environments. I highly recommend it.

I'd further advise that you probably want to use CMake instead of QMake - especially if you know you have implementation files by the same name in different places that could potentially be linked to the same executable either directly or through a static library (e.g. *.a on Linux). This is probably the only short-coming of qmake I've actually come across. CMake doesn't have that issue.

For example, I have a project now where I am refactoring some code - the original class's filename was imRunScreen.cpp; and the new class's filename is imRunScreen2.cpp; even if I put it in a sub-directory I still cannot use the same file name.

Now, may be this got changed for Qt5; I can't say as I haven't tried to do that kind of thing with Qt5's QMake yet. Regardless you'd probably be better off going the CMake route any way.



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>> On the bright side: Once you have a good cmake build in place, you will
>> have the visual studio build done with the same system as Linux. Having
>> two different build systems is *not* a good idea.
>I know, but we will definitely have two build systems - unless there is 
>a cross-platform MSBuild / devenv ... :-)
>Our almost exclusive development environment is and will remain Visual 
>Studio, so any initial changes to projects or "solutions" are done 
>inside VS. Building the software on Linux is done far less often, so 
>re-adjusting the build files is a tolerated approach.
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