[Interest] QML Video - Codecs

Adrian Stern adrian.stern at screenfood.com
Tue Apr 23 16:18:35 CEST 2013


Many beginners questions from me today. Sorry about that. It's just not that easy to get a grip with qt.

Qt is supposed to use gstreamer to display various multimedia content. So why is it, that for some files I get a black screen while the very same file is working alright in totem video player? (which uses gstreamer too)
I find this really strange. Maybe there is a good reason for that behaviour?

Mplayer uses ffmpeg to at least one of the movies who don't work.

My video tag is simple:
  Video {
      id: player
      anchors.fill: parent
      source: thesource
      focus:  true
      autoPlay: true

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