[Interest] qtsingleapplication problem compiling

程梁 devbean at outlook.com
Fri Aug 9 03:05:37 CEST 2013

The QtSingleApplication is really useful for many applications. i wonder if we could move it to Qt's main source tree. Qt 5.1 added QLockFile class which could be used for QtSingleApplication. Qt Creator also did some changes to make it compile successfully. I think we could improve it now.

Cheng Liang
Nanjing, China

From: john at wavemetrics.com
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 09:07:50 -0700
To: olszak.tomasz at gmail.com
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Subject: Re: [Interest] qtsingleapplication problem compiling

Thank you, Tomasz. That's a very generous offer. I will keep you in mind.
On 08-Aug-2013, at 1:09 AM, Tomasz Olszak wrote:2013/8/8 Nils Jeisecke <njeisecke at saltation.de>

On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 7:58 PM, John Weeks <john at wavemetrics.com> wrote:

> Hmmm... I have no idea what I'm doing here...


> I've never participated in an open-source project, know nothing about git or

> gerrit. Is there something I can read to get going?

John,I had to go through gerrit and codereview few months ago do I'm rather up to date regarding this process. If you will have any problems just send me an email or ask on #qt-tizen IRC channel (@freenode.net nick tolszak).

regards, Tomasz Olszak

-John Weeks

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